Entrance of the Weege house, 2008
Opening Hours
Restorer reassembling the double door, 2004
Exposure of the stone pavement, picture: 2003
The western gable in the attic after being excavated
Visitors in the den, 2008

Restoration and Building Research


Between 1998 and 2004, an extensive restoration project was carried out with the financial help of the STAFF FOUNDATION Lemgo and North Rhine-Westphalia. The special task consisted in harmonizing the house being a historical building and using it as a museum.


At first, the preserve-worthy structural elements were determined. Afterwards, the concepts of the preservation measures and necessary expansion for the use of the museum evolved.


There were several important aspects that came along with the restoration project: the renovation of the air conditioning and building services, the fixture of tempering and the stabilization of the house from a structural point of view. The large space in the attic was reconstructed. Moreover, the new staircase was equipped with an elevator so that many areas of the museum are accessible to visitors in wheelchairs. In order to preserve the historical building, structural solutions were developed for individual cases during the course of implementing the renovation measures.


The renovation measures were accompanied by extensive research regarding architectural heritage (Dr. Holger Reimers, Hohenfelde). A great number of important findings regarding this architectural heritage was discovered. With the preservation of the historical building in mind, the ancient plaster and color surfaces as well as important findings concerning architectural heritage were kept and uncovered. Thus, old historical constructions and new security measures can be found next to each other. Traces of historic colors were embedded in a contemporary color scheme.

In the exhibition, the findings regarding architectural heritage are explained with texts and images.