Sculpture in the courtyard, 2008
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Tour through the Hexenbürgermeisterhaus, 2008

The exhibitions "BUET AN DIESE STEDE AO 1571", "Im Land der Menschen", "Wie Engel Gottes", "Die Ferne im Blick" and "Engel in Lemgo" are just some examples of the special exibitions which have taken place in the museum Hexenbürgermeisterhaus in Lemgo over the past few years.

Based on its focuses, the museum hosted special exhibitions about the city and regional history, the Jewish history, the architectural and cultural history as well as the colonial and missionary history.

The special exhibitions with their focus on the city's history expand and enhance the theme spectrum of the permanent exhibition. That way, exhibits from the museum's collection can be presented which could not be included in the permanent exhibition for different reasons, such as in terms of conservation.

Apart from the permanent exhibition, the museum Hexenbürgermeisterhaus will continue to show travelling exhibitions about various topics.