Print painting around 1850/70
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In front of the Hexenbürgermeisterhaus, 2008

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Jürgen Scheffler, Marietta Ehret (University of Applied Sciences OWL  )

Frederik Brinkmann (University of Applied Sciences OWL  ) 

Christoph Bührig (University of Applied Sciences OWL  )

Photography and Pictures
Museum Hexenbürgermeisterhaus, Stadtarchiv Lemgo, Gerhard Wellmer, Marietta Ehret, Frederik Brinkmann, both with the University of Applied Sciences OWL  

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Jasmin McNally

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Hideko Matsumoto-Benkelberg

Dutch Translation
Anja Friebe

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Thanks to the Museumsverein Hexenbürgermeisterhaus Lemgo e. V. for the financial support of this project.

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